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A delightful Regency-era adventure brimming with magic

A Most Improper Magick, the first book in the An Improper Adventure/Kat, Incorrigible series by Stephanie Burgis

A Most Improper Magick by Stephanie Burgis, Piccadilly Press

Thanks to the wonders of #Bookstagram, I discovered the Kat, Incorrigible series by Stephanie Burgis after seeing A Most Improper Magick on the Piccadilly Press Instagram page. Originally released in 2010, a new edition with a revamped cover was published in August 2020. When I learned this was a magical middle grade book set in Regency-era England, I couldn't have been more intrigued!

A Most Improper Magick is just as delicious as its premise sounds. It introduces stubborn, brave and resourceful Kat Stephenson and her eccentric and entertaining family. Kat's father is a vicar, but her deceased mother was a witch. Kat has just discovered an ancient and secretive powerful order, who are after her mother's magic books. Unsuitable suitors, slightly wicked stepmothers, snobby strangers, elaborate balls, highwaymen, a hint of scandal and a glimmer of magic, make this an enchanting and compelling adventure.

I love Kat and her relationship with her two older sisters is brilliant - a sibling dynamic that's as amusing as it is authentic. Stephanie Burgis writes beautifully with a sparkling Austen-esque wit. A Most Improper Magick moves along at a wonderful pace with plenty of unexpected twists, hairy and hilarious moments. I am delighted to have made the acquaintance of the Stephenson family and can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

About this book:

A Most Improper Magick was published in the UK in 2010 and won the Waverton Good Read Children’s Award for best debut by a British writer. It was also chosen by Booktrust for its 2012 Bookbuzz book-gifting scheme and longlisted for the British Fantasy Award and the Branford Boase Award.

About the author:

Stephanie Burgis grew up in America but now lives in Wales with her husband, fellow writer Patrick Samphire, their two sons, and an extremely vocal tabby cat. Stephanie is also the author of The Raven Heir and the Tales from a Chocolate Heart books. And she writes romantic historical fantasy novels and novellas for adults (the latest of which is Moontangled). For exclusive previews of new stories and books, sign up for Stephanie's newsletter (stephanieburgis.com/newsletter) and see more of her work on her website.

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